Why regional cloud hosting matters

Most of thelikeandrun on the cloud, but when we discuss cloud hosting, we typically meansuch as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud. 

Cloud hosting has several benefits over traditional hosting, including increased reliability, scalability, and performance, but one thing that’s often overlooked is the importance of regional cloud hosting. In this article, we outline what regional cloud hosting is and why it matters.

What is cloud hosting?


Though we often think of the cloud as one big online storage bin, it’s actually split into regions defined by the cloud hosting providers. A region is the physical location of your website or application in the world. Thelet you choose the region that suits you best.

The cloud region that’s closest to you and your customers is typically the ideal choice because the latency will be low. You’ll also run into fewer compliance issues because you won’t be transferring customer data to other countries. But cloud regions have different prices, so depending on your application, you might want to consider a cheaper cloud region even if it’s not the absolute closest to you.

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