Chrome introduces genius new feature to make life easier

Google has rolled out a newfeature in Chrome that lets users link to a specific segment of highlighted text for easy sharing with others. 

One of several new productivity-focused features in, the new tool lets you pinpoint information you want to share then link directly to it. When clicked, the link will take you straight to the highlighted section, rather than dumping you at the top of the page and leaving you to hunt for the relevant info.

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, who tweeted to confirm it was happening.

starting with Chrome 90, you can link people to a highlighted part of a page ✨🔗 I am going to use this all the time

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Google has been tinkering with the feature for a while: a recent Chrome extension, ‘’, provided the same functionality in Chromium and Chrome, but it’s now becoming a native feature of the Chrome browser and comes packaged with Chrome 90, which recently rolled out in its stable version.

Should you find yourself needing to share a designated fragment of text with someone, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Highlight the block or specific text quote you’d like to share.
  2. Right-click on the text. 
  3. There should be an option to Copy Link to Highlight to copy the item to the clipboard.
  4. The copied link will now open the corresponding chunk of text when a person clicks on it in Chrome or Chromium. 

And that’s that: simple, but very effective for conveying the finer details of that wordy blog or lengthy article. It follows a slew of updates to the Chrome platform, including the  for Chrome desktop and a bunch of . 

Google is gradually pushing out the feature to Chrome 90 users on desktop and Android over the next week, so don’t worry if this hasn’t yet appeared for you. The feature will also be coming soon to iOS.

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